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Support for people in and around Lambertville, NJ who have been affected by Hurricane Irene

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lambertville Shines in the Face of Hurricane Irene

Below is the text of a letter to the editor written by Jane Wesby, and sent to several local newspapers. The letter explains why we started this blog, as well as thanks the city government and employees who did their best to aid residents throughout the storm and the aftermath:

"The onslaught of Hurricane Irene brought confusion, loss of power and catastrophic loss of property to many in the city. Through it all, City Hall was open and Mayor David DelVecchio, Council President Steve Stegman, Head of the Office of Emergency Management David Burd, John Miller flood coordinator, countless OEM volunteers and the ever tireless City Clerk Cindy Ege were there.  Answering people's questions, feeding people, offering advice and support. They didn't always have the answers as they fought to get our power turned back on, but they were available to tell you exactly where things stood. I personally am very grateful for their dedicated service on behalf of the city throughout this event.

I was also warmed by the stories I heard city wide of neighbors helping neighbors.  Of block parties held as neighbors pulled food out of their swiftly warming fridges and shared candlelit meals. We live in a great city!

Now let's take it one step further. Cindy Ege, myself and others are starting a grassroots effort to help those who lost a lot in Irene.  There will be a list posted at City Hall and hopefully a website* soon, where those who needs things can post them and the community will do its best to respond.  More information will be available at City Hall as we get this going."

Jane Wesby

* Neighbor to neighbor is the website mentioned in the above letter. Please share the link to this website ( with anyone who may need help, or may be willing to volunteer to help other neighbors.

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