Lambertville, NJ

Support for people in and around Lambertville, NJ who have been affected by Hurricane Irene

Friday, September 2, 2011

Why We're Here

We love Lambertville and people who live here.  So we decided to help.
We're setting this program up to do our best to assist on a neighbor to neighbor basis, those most affected in Lambertville by Hurricane Irene. Neighbor to Neighbor will do its best to connect those people in need to someone who can help out. We will not be able to satisfy every request but will advise the person asking whether their request can be fulfilled or not and hopefully in what time frame.
Requests for information should be submitted either on line or in person in writing at City Hall.
People Requesting Assistance should limit their requests to non-monetary items including but not limited to:
  • Assistance locating professional services
  • Asking for services to be provided by a neighbor
  • Household goods and supplies
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Help filling out insurance or FEMA forms
Volunteers willing to fulfill the requests should advise what they are willing to contribute:
  • Time to actually help out with work that needs to be done
  • Deliver things that are donated
  • Contribute household goods and supplies
  • Provide professional services
  • Shop
  • Prepare meals
  • Provide transportation
  • Assist in filling out the necessary insurance or FEMA forms for relief
Thank you, neighbor.


  1. I can:
    Contribute household goods and supplies
    Provide professional services

  2. We can provide household goods and supplies and we can prepare meals. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Hoping that we don't flood as much as expected tomorrow ... but if we do, we can help with lending elbow grease to what needs to be done, help prepare meals, and deliver things. Just let us know!

    Marin & Sean

  4. I can assist with most anything but professional services. I'm available today (Thursday 9/8) and Friday during the day. I won't be available again until next Tuesday.


  5. Thank you all for responding. As we prepare to flood again, I'm sure we'll see people who need services. I will keep you posted. Fliers are available at City Hall and Homestead. I need to do posters and hang fliers so people know that this is happening...but it needs to stop raining!!!

  6. Here's the deal at present, people have offered to help, but because of the persistent rain (until today), we have not been able to post fliers or hang posters. What I really need help with is are people who are willing to volunteer to hang posters and distribute fliers Saturday and Sunday. I am at River Queen Gallery at 8 Church Street and will be there at 11:00 tomorrow. If you want to help me see what we can make of this, please stop by and pick up some fliers and posters to place around town. Also, if you posted a comment here, please be specific about what you can offer.
    Many thanks,

  7. Housewares to offer: Table lamp w/shade and bulb, blow dryer, HP deskjet printer with new ink, cords, manuals and set-up disk.